Turret towers

Animal Fun

This week the children in the Tweenie room have been investigating the Safari animals. We enjoyed tracing our favourite animal and finding out which animal had the biggest footprint. We all loved dancing to animal boogie and singing songs where we could roar like a lion and snap like the crocodile.

Children In need

The older children have been very busy Pudsey week this week! We made cakes for our bake sale and have been working on our sponsored jump – our aim I 2,500 jumps!!Thank you to all the parents who took time to bake and support this great cause by buy buying cakes to take home and […]

Fun with Pudsey

The babies have had fun this week baking for Children In Need. They have helped the ladies to make rice crispie cakes, iced biscuits and truffle. They have taken part throughout the week in a ‘Pudsey’ hunt to raise money. He has been hiding in shaving foam, cereal, outs and even outside in the g


This week the children have been particularly interested in lots of fun activities for Children In Need. We played hide and seek with Pudsey Bear who was hiding all around the nursery and our garden. The boys and girls made some delicious treats for our Mummy’s and Daddy’s to try at our bake sal


Lots of our children attended firework displays this week. We had pots of discussions about the colours and the loud sounds. We also had our own display at nursery this week- we waited till it was getting dark and then ventured out to the garden. So much fun! The children were inspired to create the

More pumpkin fun

The children have continued to explore pumpkins this week. We were counting how many seeds came from the large, medium and small pumpkins. Then we used the pumpkin flesh to make some fabulous pumpkin soup and bread. We heated our soup on the fire in the wild woods and enjoyed eating it. It was fabul

Autumn colours

A big thank you to all the children who brought in lots of natural materials that they have picked up when they are out on their walks. We have enjoyed listening to exciting stories about where they found the leaves, acorns and chestnuts that were brought in. We had a big show and tell in […]


The children have been very interested this week in ‘Bob the Builder’ and building houses with the community blocks. While we were looking at one of the building books, a discussion started about the different materials needed to build a house like cement and bricks. We had a discussion about ce