fun with senses

fun with senses

The children at Teddy bear House have been exploring their senses this week. We have painted with pine cones, filled tubs with lentils, rice and pasta and played with coloured ice and frozen pasta. We also had fun playing in the garden chasing each other and playing with the balls. We made some hedg

Fun with Dolls

This week the children in the Tweenie room have been learning about looking after babies. We extended this interest through the dolls. The children showed an interest in dressing the babies, sitting them at the table for lunch and tucking them into bed for a sleep and a bedtime story. We even bathed

Parent’s Open Evening

We would like to thank everyone who came along to our open evening this week. It was good to chat with parents and for parents to be able to chat with each other. The parents enjoyed participating in some of the activities that the children enjoy while they are at nursery and some parents made [&hel

Signs of Autumn

This week the Tweenie children have been looking at signs of Autumn. We went out to the nursery garden and collected apples that had fallen off the trees then we helped Corinne, the nursery gardener to make some delicious apple juice. We collected some leaves and talked about the different colours,

Nursery fun

The babies had a walk to the library this week to pick some new stories for us to read. We saw lots of interesting things on the way and we stopped to look at and smell some of the pretty flowers. In the nursery garden we were playing with the balls and we had great […]

Out and About

After listening to various duck stories, one of the children asked if we could go a walk to the loch to see the ducks. We had a lovely stroll along the High Street pointing out different things in the shop windows and different types of transport that passed us. We also saw some builders and [&helli


The older children have been talking about their emotions. What makes us happy and sad. Some children like stories, some like big cuddles and others – eating dinner makes them happy! One of the children brought in his happy pumpkin. This reminded us of our favourite song – ‘5 little Pumpkins

Exploring textures

This week the children at Teddy Bear House have enjoyed exploring different textures. We have used oats, flour, cereal, ice and playdough. We added spoons and tubs and the children had great fun filling them up and emptying them. We also had fun playing in the garden where we used loose parts to mak

Potato Picking

On Tuesday we helped Corinne, the gardener to pick potatoes from the sacks in the nursery garden. We discussed different sizes, shapes and names for the potatoes and what we could use them for: – cook them, boil them in a pot,. We took them inside and gave them a good clean and the children [&