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Welcome to ‘First Adventures’ Nursery

Why First Adventures Nursery?

It is our aim to provide the highest standards of excellence in nursery care, early learning and education for our children where each child is welcomed, valued, secure, stimulated and encouraged to develop at their own pace. To do this we put the child at the centre – regarding each child as an individual whose experience is of central importance. We recognise and explore their interests and aptitudes and provide opportunities, resources and activities to encourage success and achievement whilst ensuring there is always lots of fun!

child at table with puzzles

child at table with puzzles

Our Ethos

At the heart of First Adventures Nursery are values based on Christian ethics of love, equality, integrity, and fairness. We endeavour to promote an ethos where everyone feels welcome, valued, respected, and included in the life of the nursery. We also aim to develop strong interpersonal relationships within the nursery and with the broader educational and local community.

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At First Adventures, the development of a friendly, open relationship between the nursery and our parents is of paramount importance. We are committed to fostering a close, friendly yet respectful, and professional approach with our children’s parents and carers. This not only helps each child move happily between the two caring situations of home and nursery but also leads to a valuable partnership in understanding each child’s personality, needs, and interests; and in promoting their learning and development.

two children climbing a tree

two children climbing a tree


In partnership with parents, our children, from any religious or cultural background, are loved and cherished in our caring environment. We promote a culture where fun and learning go hand in hand and where all children, regardless of need, are nurtured to help them reach their full potential in an atmosphere of equal opportunity.

children on seesaw

children on seesaw


All activities at First Adventures Nursery, internally and with the outside world, are carried out by our staff in a respectful, professional, courteous, and friendly manner.



Our skilled, experienced, and professional practitioners ensure that all our children receive the very best in childcare and early learning development opportunities which engage, motivate, excite and challenge them.

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