Teddy Bear House

Architecturally designed to provide the very best surroundings for our babies and younger children.

Your baby is very precious to you and we understand and respect this. We therefore appreciate the enormous responsibility which rests with us. We care for our babies on a very individual basis, taking account of each child’s needs and routine. We concentrate on nurturing, responsive care and promoting physical, emotional and personal development and general well-being.

At Teddy Bear House (with it’s age appropriate layout, specialised resources, safe, bright, airy play spaces both indoor and out)  your child will enjoy many stimulating experiences and activities which promote language, positive relationships, social interaction and “all round development.”
Examples include – tactile and sensory play; messy and creative activities with finger paints. gloop, sand and water; soft play, active physical play, exploration, observation and listening activities, imaginative play, music, rhyme, rhythm and song, puppetry, stories, games and fun.