Outdoor play spaces and Garden

Our large enclosed outdoor play areas provide all out children – from babies to school age – with a wonderful range of opportunities to engage in active, imaginative and sensory play, exploration and investigation…… and to interact with, and learn about, the natural environment.

Dedicated areas include ‘The Playground’ – with it’s climbing wall and physical equipment, pirate ship, sand pit, water play equipment, play house and ‘biking’ area.

‘The Wildlife Garden’ – with its bug hotel, ‘hide’ for bird watching, ‘hidden bugs’ stone and log piles…and more.. to investigate – where children can explore the natural world.

‘The Green Garden’ – with its wind turbine, weather station, solar panel and wormery – helping to spark interest in science and the environment.

The Salad and Vegetable Planing Areas – encouraging children to learn about gardening and growing though the seasons; and to experience the fun and satisfaction of the transforming the ‘fruits of their labour’ into delicious soups and snacks!

‘The Wild Wood’ – our own magical woodland adventures play area!

‘The Mud Kitchen’ – a great opportunity for creative, messy fun.

‘The Pond’ – Where we learn about living things and life cycles…

…..All of this together affords our children, at First Adventures, to explore the whole of the early years’ level of the Curriculum for Excellence.