Turret Towers

An impressive Victorian building converted into our wonderful nursery.  Turret Towers gives our children large spaces to play and learn.

dino game with children on climbing frame

A young child, even below the age of five, has already developed more than three-quarters of the mental capacity he or she will have as an adult.  This, alongside their incredible curiosity and openness to learning, enables them to learn faster and more efficiently than they ever will again.

children builidng

As experts in the field of childcare and early learning at First Adventures Nursery, we have the knowledge, resources, training, and desire to nurture and strengthen each individual child during this special time by providing the very best experiences to satisfy and challenge their growing young, active minds and bodies.

teacher helping students at computer desk
two children at computer desk

Turret Tower rooms have been retained in design to stimulate mystery, adventure, and imagination. All to help induce the child to turn the key of curiosity!

children at learning table

The European Commission for Early Childhood Education and Care describes each child as being a unique, competent, active learner who needs and wants to co-create knowledge through interaction with other children and adults.

child playing at table