Turret towers


The Tweenies have been caring for the birds in the wildlife garden this week. We have filled the bird feeders and taken out some bread that was left over from snack to put on the bird table. We hid in the hide to watch the birds coming down for food and listen to the different […]

Playroom Visitor

There was much excitement in the 3-5 playroom when a dinosaur magically appeared in the music area. He had a big bandage on his nose. We decided to call him ‘Snap’ and discovered that he came through a portal and landed in our nursery. The children were so excited to meet him and introduce him [

Library Visit

The Tweenie children have been visiting the library this week in small groups. The children have enjoyed choosing their favourite story to bring back to nursery and share with the other children. Today the children were lucky enough to enjoy a ‘bookbug’ session where they were able to listen to

People Who Help us

This week the children have been talking about the fires in Australia. We decided to have a big chat about fire to see what the children were most interested to learn more about. Most children were very interested in what happens if a fire starts in their house and the job a fire fighter does. [&hel

Fun at Christamas

There has been lots of excitement for the older children this week. Firstly, Scott Lovat the magician came to nursery and we had so much fun at his show! Lots of the children shared their magic to help the magic tricks work. Then the elf appeared back in our playroom. So far he has emptied […

Christmas Fun

At Teddy Bear House this week the children have been practicing their Christmas songs. A favourite one was ‘Jingle Bells’, the children enjoyed shaking their bells as we were singing. We have also been busy making lots of Christmas crafts to take home – cards, calendars and wreath pictures. We

Soft Play Fun

This week the Tweenie children went on a trip to the soft play at Playbugs. We had lots of fun zooming down the big slide and venturing across the rope bridge. The children loved testing their climbing skills and helping each other up the steep steps. We had so much fun and we saw all […]

Christmas Fun

This week the children have had lots of fun getting excited for Christmas. We have been making lots of Christmas crafts, cards and calendars to take home. We have been playing with some Christmas smelling playdough. We enjoyed making some special reindeer food to take home so Rudolph knows where to