Teddy Bear house

Baking and dancing

The children at Teddy Bear House have enjoyed baking lots of delicious cakes for our bake sale for Sports Relief, we would like to thank our parents and grandparents for handing in some home baking as well. We have also enjoyed taking part in our sponsored boogie. We had great fun showing off our fu

Sensory play

The children at Teddy Bear House have been busy exploring their senses this week. We explored the snow earlier in the week and listened to it crunching under our wellies. Our hands got very cold when we were rolling the snow to make a small snowman. We explored cooked spaghetti and oats in the tuff

Nursery fun

The babies had a walk to the library this week to pick some new stories for us to read. We saw lots of interesting things on the way and we stopped to look at and smell some of the pretty flowers. In the nursery garden we were playing with the balls and we had great […]

Exploring textures

This week the children at Teddy Bear House have enjoyed exploring different textures. We have used oats, flour, cereal, ice and playdough. We added spoons and tubs and the children had great fun filling them up and emptying them. We also had fun playing in the garden where we used loose parts to mak