Moving On

This week our new children have been settling well into their new playrooms and making lots of new friends. They have had lots of fun exploring the new activities and getting used to changes in routines. We have had a few friends visiting in their new school uniform and we must say they are all [&he

Thank you

The staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children and parents who handed in gifts to the room and individual staff when they were leaving. We would like to wish the children well as they move onto the next stage in their life, whether it is moving onto the next room […]

Nursery rock

Congratulations to everyone who found the nursery rock. If you didn’t find it, it was located at the grass steps at the rose garden. We hope everyone had fun looking for it. The rock will be moved to a new location this evening (Friday 4th May).This weeks clue is ‘ Find me where the dove